"A Ministry of Copper Canyon Baptist Church" 
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. “Serving Copperopolis for over 15 Years”

Who are we? Residents of the Copperopolis Community.
2.Golf buddies
3.Club members
-Familiar Faces (?)
-Church Family Members
-Total Strangers
Who do we serve – Copperopolis residents who are primarily Hungry People in need due to:
-Low Income or out of Work (temporary or long term)
-Disabilities of many types
1.Physical Handicaps
2.Emotional issues
3.Learning limitations
-Including families, Veterans, Single parents and Elderly (A focus group), of all ethnicities
What Service(s) do we provide?
-Food Staples
5.Fresh/Frozen Veggies and Fruit
-Supplemental Items
1.Food supplements
2.Snack Items
3.Condiments (when available)
4.Meal kits
5.Canned Fruit/Vegetables
-Resource References
1.Health referral Questions
2.Emotional issues
3.Dependencies / Addictions
4.Support Groups
How are we Funded?
Individual donations
“Fill the Boot” drives (Memorial and Labor day Weekends) coordinated with
1.Copper Fire and Volunteer Fire Dept
2.Local VFW chapter members
The Federline Foundation Senior Grant (Calaveras Community Foundation)
Local Communities and Organizations, including:
1.Boy/Girl Scouts
2.Local Post Office
3.Saddle Creek Resort Annual drive
How you can Volunteer to help our Critical and Ongoing need
Distribution is the 3rd Thursday of each month, 11am – 4pm (LTBC)
1.Stop by to observe/assist for any amount of time
2.Try us, Buy in and get on our distribution list for notices
3.Expand your Role, specialty or Leadership
4.Assist with or coordinate shopping (Resource Center, Costco, etc.)
5.Consider Serving on our Board of Directors – any or all aspects
Donate, if not time, food or Cash (our buying leverage is significant)
Include us in your prayers!

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