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Thanks Lorraine & Dave
April 2016 Pantry Distribution Day
The Copperoplis Food Pantry had their Memorial Day Weekend Fund Raiser on May 28. The "Fill the Boot" is supported by our Copperoplis Fire Department, Volunteer Fire Department and with many of our local Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

They bring great spirit and support. This year we would also like to thank Melinda Hoff from Sugar Pine Realty for allowing us space for collection, comfort and relief.

Of course we want to thank all the wonderful people who made donations! Thanks to your generosity, we were
able to collect almost $3670. What a blessing.
                                                                                     By Karen Kaja

The Annual Labor Day Week End "Fill The Boot Day"             Sept. 3rd 2016
The Annual Memorial Week End "Boot Day"

​"Great day for our Pantry" thanks to our Volunteer Firemen, local Veterans and Cert supporters. Blessed by generous
shoppers we collected $2493."

                                                                                  Karen Kaja
Please Mark Your Calendars!

The residents of Saddle Creek graciously help our local Food Pantry one a year with a food drive, and you can help too!

Date: Saturday November 12, 2016  

Time: 9 am to Noon

Place: Saddle Creek Lodge Foyer. Phyllis Richards & Karen Kaja will happily take your donation.

Questions: Karen Kaja kskaja@hotmail.com 

All Money and Food collected stays here in Copperopolis to help our local citizens thru their difficult times.  

Below are some items that the pantry could use. Please be sure to check best by (expiration) dates.

Canned fruits including cranberry sauce for the holidays and vegetables

Soups or broth

Cereals (Hot or Cold) 

Dry mixes of potatoes or dinner mixes (Hamburger Helper type) etc.

Canned milk; evaporated or condensed

Cake - dessert dry mixes

Turkey dressing mixes (croutons) 

Individual size bottled juices

Snack, energy etc. bars

Tea or coffee

If you choose to donate money by check please make it payable to:


Thank you from all of the Pantry Board Members,

Your support is greatly appreciated!  


                      Thank You

Thanks to a great effort and terrific support from residents of Saddle Creek Resort and surrounding communities. God is good (all the time!) and has blessed us with wonderful neighbors!

Today's event generated $2500 in monetary donations, as well as a tremendous amount of canned, packaged, boxed, etc. goods for the Copperopolis Community Food Pantry!!!

Special thanks go to coordinator Phyllis Richards and her teammates Karen Kaja and Diana Shelloe for their dedication in collecting, explaining and even checking the dates on all food items donated.

Thanks also to Linda Beck for her support and diligence in communicating to make and keep our community aware of this important effort.  

                                                  Dave Kaja

 A Special Thank You to Our Anonymous Donors

Every year we have had a couple who generously donate 10 Turkeys, we greatly appreciate their thoughtfulness and support.

                             The Pantry Board